Emperor's Domination

Chapter 5847: Obsession With Weapon

Chapter 5847: Obsession With Weapon

“Bam!” Stonesplitter moved forward with his shield. He had no intention of bearing the brunt of the attack, only to fight in unison.

“Are you ready to fight?” Primal asked Li Qiye.

“I’m unsure it will be much of a fight now.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Haha, don’t be so sure. Many have tried to kill us only to end up as our food.” Derivation salivated while staring at Li Qiye: “I want your head and true fate.”

Having said that, he stared at his allies and said: “What about you all?”

The other frowned since the crazy guy already wanted to divide the spoils.

“Too early.” Dao Ancestor said with displeasure.

“Too early? I don’t think so since we rather have everything ready to go if we somehow kill the brat. I don’t want you all changing your mind and sneaking in attacks, it won’t be the first time either.” Derivation said.

This moved the group enough to make them ponder. The discord between them was already strong. Someone might actually try to do something funny after Li Qiye’s death to monopolize his corpse.

This would not be an ordinary day when everyone could co-exist and part ways. Li Qiye’s corpse was the highest prize.

“I agree with Derivation.” Primal said: “We need to make it clear and guarantee everyone will keep their word.”

Listeners didn’t expect this development. Nevertheless, Primal had reasons for voicing his support.

Derivation was immensely powerful but most importantly, he needed his ally to be with him to be competitive with the dao branch in the case of success.

Although he wanted to eliminate Derivation to avoid revealing their coordinates earlier, the situation had changed and he potentially needed Derivation’s help.

“Hmph.” Imperial Progenitor and Dao Ancestor understood Primal’s aim.

“Fine, let’s make it clear, and we shall keep our word.” Imperial Progenitor acquiesced.

They have committed unforgivable sins before after joining the darkness. Nevertheless, they had to keep their word for various reasons. Being distrusted by other overlords meant being isolated and hunted in the future.

“I will have no part in flesh consumption.” Stonesplitter said.

“So virtuous all of a sudden. We both know how nutritious his flesh is and its effect on lifespan.” Derivation said.

“I will fight, but I won’t eat his flesh.” Stonesplitter said.

“Then why did you ambush Divine Ancestor with us then?” Derivation sneered.

“My ambition cannot be understood by the likes of you. I only want to create an ultimate weapon, not devour.” Stonestplitter said.

“This step is inevitable, prolonging lifespan is essential.” Dao Ancestor persuaded him.

Stonesplitter didn’t participate in the blood refinements but he was there for Divine Ancestor’s ambush. Alas, he got nothing out of it because Primal, Derivation, and Twilight Hunter devoured the corpse.

“I seek a weapon, nothing else.” Stonesplitter uttered coldly.

“Would you refine all living beings for this end?” Li Qiye asked.

Stonesplitter opened his mouth but decided against answering, closing his eyes.

“Seems like you know the answer.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Your determination is admirable, Brother.” Primal said.

“Old geezer, don’t spew such lies. There is no difference between refining living beings into a weapon versus devouring them, just two ways to die.” Derivation said.

“You wouldn’t understand.” Stonesplitter clearly didn’t like Derivation.

Derivation shook his monstrous head and said: “So shameless and pretentious, always acting lofty and dignified as overlords while forgetting your crimes. I don’t find your obsession with the weapon admirable at all. Weapons are dead while my creations are alive and breathing, a path never walked before, now that’s true ambition.”

“So you copulated with everything possible under the sun, involving fiends and corpses, culminating in the creation of the ancient ming.” Li Qiye interjected.

Everyone stared at Derivation, thinking about his nauseating conduct. They didn’t wish to be near him but alas, the situation left them no choice.

Emperors and monarchs behind the mirrors got goosebumps as well after hearing Li Qiye’s comment about the creation process. Some of the legends seemed to be true - fiends and blood-sucking creatures, or the corpses buried in unknown locations... 𝒩ewW 𝒏ovels upd𝒂tes on nov/𝒆l/b(i)𝒏(.)com

“You all aren’t any better.” Derivation was annoyed by the stares and sneered: “You threw your pride and dignity away when you peeled Divine Ancestor’s skin and ate his brains. And you two, did you feel virtuous when you refined countless beings into elixirs? You licked the bottle clean like dogs eating shit. Are you really that elegant and amazing? No, just disgusting monsters who have done disgusting things.”

The overlords’ expression soured since Derivation kept on tearing the facade apart.

“Are all overlords like this?” An emperor behind the mirror shuddered. They were murderers but have never done these vile deeds.

“This is the dao heart falling after living for too long.” World Emperor let out a sigh.

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