Lunar Supremacy: The Original Alpha

Chapter 131 Distorted Face

Vincent discovered that the power source of the entity controlling the statues was situated even farther than he had initially anticipated.

Luckily, he ran at such a fast speed that it hardly posed any inconvenience. The wind whistled past his ears, his surroundings becoming a mere blur of indistinct shapes and fleeting glimpses. The sheer velocity of his dashed created a rushing sensation, akin to hurtling through a vortex of speed. 

He followed the trail of purple evil energy, navigating the hallway and passing a staircase that descended into the basement. Continuing his hunt, he eventually reached a dead end, finding nothing but a solid wall before him.

"I can sense an immense negative energy emanating from behind this wall." He knocked his knuckles against its surface, confirming the empty space behind it. Clenching his fist, he executed a simple punch, destroying the wall in front of him.


The wall crumbled like brittle glass, unveiling a hidden corridor that had remained concealed for years. However, the newly exposed passageway told a chilling tale of time's merciless grip. Its aged walls bore the stubborn marks of abandonment, as mold clung tenaciously to every crevice, casting an unsettling shadow over the desolate hallway. The decaying atmosphere carried an eerie presence, reminding all who entered of the relentless passage of time in a scene straight out of a  ghost story.

"This place..." his words trailed off as he caught sight of the place, now engulfed in an ominous cloud of negative purple energy. The very hall he had broken through seemed to have contained this malevolent power all along.

"Did I just destroyed something important ?" His mind raced with the implications. The danger that lurked within this newfound corridor was far greater than he had anticipated. The intensity of the negative energy pulsated ominously, warning him of the treacherous path that lay ahead

"No, I can handle this one  " He reflected on his own abilities. He realized that he had never truly tapped into the full potential of his enhanced powers since absorbing that mutated creature. This encounter presented an opportunity to push his limits and further hone his battle instinct .

Taking a firm and powerful step, he surged forward, propelling himself down the seemingly endless corridor with the agility and grace of a phantom. 

In a blur of motion, he maneuvered through the labyrinthine passages, his senses heightened and instincts razor-sharp. His body moved with an otherworldly grace, effortlessly evading obstacles and navigating the terrain.  L𝒂aTest nov𝒆ls on (n)𝒐velbi/𝒏(.)co𝒎

The passage turned out to be bigger than he had imagined, unveiling a sprawling network of interconnected pathways that resembled a maze. Fortunately, his ability to attune to the subtle vibrations of negative energy proved invaluable as he skillfully tracked its presence amidst the intricate twists and turns.

As he ventured deeper into the depths of this passage, the oppressive force of the negative energy grew stronger, seeping into every fiber of his being. The air crackled with an unsettling aura, heightening his senses and foreboding the imminent confrontation.

"What an evil  aura. How many lives were taken to accumulate such a surplus of negative energy?" " he muttered to himself, his voice tinged with curiosity . 

Finally, he saw the end of the tunnel and arrived at his destination .

It was a vast, antiquated hall, the epicenter of the foreboding power that had lured him deeper into this mysterious place. Resembling an abandoned church, the space was adorned with a multitude of statues, each distinct in its form and composition.

However, one statue stood out among them all, captivating his gaze—an imposing twenty-feet sculpture of a woman cradling a baby in her arms. 

Vincent's gaze fixated on the intricately sculpted figure, drawn to the anguish etched upon the woman's face. Her eyes, carved with meticulous detail, conveyed a depth of sorrow that seemed to pierce through his very soul. It was as if the sculptor had infused the statue with the weight of countless tragedies, capturing a moment of profound anguish frozen in time.

Yet, it was not just the woman's expression that captivated him. His eyes traced down to the thing cradled in her arms—the baby. Its form, expertly sculpted, appeared unnaturally elongated and distorted, as if emerging from the depths of a twisted nightmare. The sight of the malformed infant sent a chill down his spine, a sense of unease settling in the pit of his stomach. He was not afraid of its power , but rather its horrifying face. 

He had encountered his fair share of terrifying sights, from deranged witches to mutated creatures and beyond. However, the entity standing before him surpassed anything he had ever witnessed in terms of appearance .

The baby's features were contorted, its face marred by an unsettling fusion of innocence and grotesque distortion. Eyes, too large and vacant, seemed to hold a silent plea, while its mouth, twisted into a disgusting grin, exuded an eerie malevolence. It was a bad mixture of purity and corruption, innocence and horror.

"That thing spells trouble," he shook his head, his eyes fixated on the chilling sight before him. It was unmistakable—the negative aura seemed to cling to the disgusting figure, casting a dark shadow over its presence. 

"I need to destroy that creepy ugly thing fast! " With an plan in mind, he lunged forward, driven by the urgent need to annihilate the looming monstrosity. However, an eerie revelation halt his steps.

In a shocking display of power, the whole place started shaking ,every statue adorning the hall awakened, their stone forms abruptly springing to life as if they had guessed his plan.

The once-still figures, now animated with an unsettling grace, moved in perfect unison, forming an impenetrable barrier between him and his target, their creepy gazes fixated on him with an unsettling intensity.

But their collective effort was not enough to deterred Vincent.

"Get out of my way!" he shouted, his voice resonating with determination as he unleashed a devastating energy punch that obliterated the first wave of statues obstructing his way.


Then with unwavering force, he continued to demolish each statue, his fists radiating with pulsating energy. 




One after another, the statues crumbled to the ground under his overwhelming strength. However, a sense of unease gnawed at him, denying him even a moment's break

"I could go on battling these things for hours with my stamina, but that would be a dumb," he muttered to himself, adopting a pragmatic tone.

"I need to figure out their origin, where they're coming from," he added, his eyes glowing once more beneath his mask. Determination fueled his words as he embraced a more tactical mindset, aware that uncovering the source held the key to his success.

He tilted his head upward, his eyes scanning the imposing figure of the baby statue, desperately searching for any hint or clue. Yet, the surface revealed no immediate answers.

Undeterred, he relied on his extraordinary reaction time, processing the chaotic battlefield as he continued to unleash a torrent of devastating blows. With every strike, the statues yielded, crumbling from the relentless onslaught. His fists was like hammer, shattering the stone figures one after another, as if they were mere fragile marbles. Each impact echoed through the air, reverberating with a satisfying symphony of destruction.




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