Signing In For Eight Years, I Was Exposed As A Zillionaire!

Chapter 764 - 764 Really?

764 Really?

[I’m very fat, but I’ll also give away my spot. I’m not in a hurry.]

[I’ll let others have it too. Let those who need it experience it first. I’m really moved.]

[No, I think you guys are making it sound like you can give your spot away. Didn’t you see the responsibility description below… Alright, I believe you guys probably won’t read it either. You’ll probably skip it after confirming it.]

[What did you say? Did you say that we can’t give up our spot? No way!]

[I’ve seen it. It says that those who win a spot must fill in their real name and information, as well as their current physical condition. If they have a serious illness, they won’t be able to receive the spot. Furthermore, the spot can’t be transferred or sold. Otherwise, they will be held accountable by the law. Moreover, they have to go to the shop to get the medicine. When they get the medicine, their face will be scanned. If you’re not the actual person, you won’t be able to receive it. Furthermore, the time period is rather short. You have to receive it within 24 hours. Otherwise, it will be invalid if it’s overdue. If you go, you also have to go for a physical examination. Those who don’t meet the requirements won’t receive the medicine either, and their spot will be given away. However, this weight-loss medicine is free. The physical examination is also free. This is very conscientious.]

[That’s right. If we can give up our spot, who knows how many criminals will be created? There will also be many people who sell the spot at an astronomical price. I think Tian Ming’s rule is quite reasonable. Whether we can get it or not will depend on fate. However, it’s fine. Anyway, it won’t be long before it goes on the market. There’s no hurry.] 𝑅êạd new chapt𝒆rs on no/v/e/l𝒃in(.)com

[There’s no hurry. Let’s calm down.]

Not long after, the webpage was completed and uploaded to Weibo. For a moment, many people quickly gathered to draw lots, causing the server of the webpage to smoke. The supervisor of the programming department felt a headache coming on. He quickly picked up the fan to blow at it. He was covered in cold sweat, afraid that the server would break and cause the webpage to collapse. It would be troublesome then.

Fortunately, they used a very good server for this purpose. It could accommodate a lot of users at the same time. Thus, there was no big problem in the short term.

However, when the feedback was supposed to appear, it was a little stuck, causing many netizens to click on the button to draw lots on their phones for a long time. It took a long time for the wheel to start spinning, making everyone quite anxious.

After a while, the results of the lottery appeared. The people who won test slots were overjoyed. Some of them were sad, while others were quite optimistic.

At the same time, they left comments.

[(Screenshot) Nice! Brothers, I’ll test the waters for you first and lose weight!]

[(Screenshot) (Melon Eater) (Melon Eater) There’s nothing I can do. Even the heavens want me to lose weight quickly. Recently, I happened to be wooing a male god. It seems like I have to win him over.]

[(Screenshot) I’ll definitely take it down! I’ll definitely take it down! Brothers, witness the moment when I turn from a bootlicker to a customer!]

[F*ck, I play with scratch cards every day, but I’ve never gotten a prize. When I drew lots for this weight-loss medicine, even though the probability was 5 in 100,000, I obtained it. I’m really impressed. When will I win a prize from scratch cards?]

[Brother, all your luck has been sucked dry. (Dog head emoji)]

[It’s the same for me. I buy a lottery ticket every day, but I’ve never won. I haven’t even won the lottery for various activities online. Last time, I didn’t win the lottery when I cleared my shopping cart on Taobao. In the end, I f*cking won this today. I’m so thin that I’m just skin and bones. I was just curious and wanted to try. I’m impressed.]

[I’m really convinced. When I drew the lots, that bloody server was stuck. It happened to be stuck when the slots were being shown. I originally had a slot, but after the website froze, it skipped a slot for me and I directly missed my slot. Tian Ming is such a big corporation. Don’t they have some money to get a better server? I’m really convinced!]

[Brother, don’t you see that many people are drawing lots online at the same time? There are hundreds of millions of people. Which server can withstand this number? The page didn’t freeze and crash because the server of the Tian Ming Medical Corporation is impressive. I didn’t expect that it wouldn’t freeze and crash.]

[It’s really amazing. There are more than a hundred million people. The probability of me winning is one in a million. I feel like I’ve used up all my luck from the past 23 years.]

[F*ck, why didn’t I get it!! F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! I even specially went to offer incense for this draw, but I didn’t get it. I really vomited!]

[That’s nothing. Do you know about me? I’m currently walking on a rainy path. Just now, my boss fired me because he asked me to repair the bug that suddenly appeared in the game. In the end, I wanted to draw lots and ignored him, causing too many problems to appear in the game. It’s basically going to be paralyzed.]

[F*ck, brother, I was wondering why the server froze and crashed. I just obtained the Golden Grasping Greatsword!]

[Aren’t there other programmers?]

[Yes, but this bug is a small problem. It only needs one person to solve it. The others are all working on another project. I’ve been idle recently, so I have nothing to do. Anyway, I’ve long wanted to run away. Damn it, this trash company makes me work overtime every day. My liver is about to disappear.]

[Then did you get it? If you did, wouldn’t it be a double blessing?]

[What the hell? I didn’t get a spot and I don’t even have a job. Moreover, I just joined this company. Even if I’m fired, they won’t be able to give me a few months of salary. F*ck, just thinking about it makes me a little angry.]

[To be honest, all of you are too weak. I made an appointment to meet a super important client of the company at this time today, but I was late because of this. The client has f*cking left. I’m now at the roadside thinking about whether I should return to the company. The key is that I didn’t f*cking get a slot. Aiya, the more I think about it, the angrier I get!]

[I missed out on using my skill in the game because I wanted to draw the lottery just now. Moreover, I didn’t f*cking win. Do you know how I feel now?]

[Brother, you’re really miserable.]

[Won’t you have insomnia for the rest of my life?]

[This is amazing.]

[It’s fine, it’s fine. Anyway, it should be going on the market soon. There’s no hurry. We can wait for a while. Anyway, all of us can buy it in the end. There’s no hurry.]

[Sigh, that’s true. We can only wait for it to be listed.]

[There’s no hurry anyway. Let’s wait slowly.]

[Fortunately, there’s still a chance. Otherwise, I really would have to go to the rooftop. I’ll just wait a little longer!]

[I hope my heart can hold on. I’m begging you!]

[It’s fine. If there are people who don’t pass the physical examination, there should still be some spots in the future. I’ll come back tomorrow.]

[I think that this weight-loss medicine will be released on all second-hand platforms tonight. Pirated versions will appear tomorrow. Anyway, everyone, be careful. Don’t be deceived by liars.]

[(Screenshot) I’m smiling. It’s already on the shelves.]

[F*ck, 10,000 yuan a box? Why doesn’t he just rob someone? He’s asking for so much.]

[Someone really bought it. One can imagine how precious this medicine is.]

[I’m afraid that it’s a fake transaction. This is indeed a little ridiculous. Ten thousand yuan for a box? Is this for real?]

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